Five Memorable Meals

Alex Laird

I was so delighted to speak to Alex Laird BSc FCPP, a medical herbalist, author (her latest book: Root to Stem – a seasonal guide to natural recipes and remedies for everyday life) and founder director of Living Medicine (

Alex’s evocative description of discovering Sam’s Seafood Shack on the Island of Harris had me looking at how I could travel there! We spoke of love, care and the importance of context for the food we eat and so the bacon cooked in bear fat made sense for the space and time where Alex ate this with new friends. Perhaps most comforting was Alex’s delightful memory of the simple baked potato.

We spoke of Elizabeth David, attachment theory pioneer James Robinson and Adelle Davis American author and influential nutritionist. Thank you, Alex, for sharing your years of experience, thoughtfulness and knowledge. 

Simon Lewis – Midnight Kitchen, July 2020

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